Arashiyama - a Little Paradise near Kyoto


Magical Arashiyama

Arashiyama is a town near Kyoto famous mainly for its bamboo grove, but it has a bit more to offer than that. Tourists and residents alike go to Arashyama for day trips, have picknicks, rent boats or visit the many temples.




But first to my favorite thing about Arashiyama: the garden. Unlike most parks in Japan it costs a small entrance fee and is located next to the bamboo grove you might come here for.

While the bamboo forest was not my favorite thing (it is basically just one path surrounded by bamboo trees and it is incredibly crowded), the park was my absolute favorite thing ever. When we visited in the middle of April the floors were covered in light green moss, the cherry trees were still in bloom, and the atmosphere was just magical.

When we walked in, we were so amazed by the look of the lush moss and the pink blossoms, it almost looked surreal and we compared it to the look and feel of some cool video game.

Extra points for matching my favorite color scheme

Extra points for matching my favorite color scheme


The Bamboo Grove of Arashiyama